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Answers for All Your Queries Related to Daytime Running Lights

Day time running lights had gained huge popularity from the past few years all over the world. Not only this it is much-needed accessories for all car owners, but many reputed car brands had also started to install DRLs near the main headlights.

But, doubt always left behind with the popularity of the product, by collecting the most relevant questions we had decided to clear all your queries related to this light.

  • Are daytime running lights required by law?

    Yes, the daytime running lights became mandatory to be installed in all the cars in the year 1972, which was followed by countries like Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Denmark, etc. All these northern countries that experience dim lighting and shorter days made daytime running lamp applicable by law.

    •  When did daytime running lights become mandatory in the US?

    During the 1990’s after making the implementation of the mandatory rule of having Daytime running lights in Canada, the phenomenon was passed on to the United States as well, however, till now it is partially accepted and not have made them mandatory for all cars. However, some manufacturers sell cars with DRLs.

    • Can daytime running lights be turned off?

    Daytime running lights are an add-on safety feature in your car and its prime function is to assist you with better safety during the daylight as well. The daytime running lamp is not designed to make you look through the road but is to make your car visible to others. However, it solely depends on your car type if you want to switch it off.

    • Is DRL the same as a low beam?

    A DRL is a specific lighting system that is meant to increase the visibility of the vehicle in question whereas the low beam is a feature of the headlight which is used to illumine the way ahead of your automobile. A low beam is something that every car by-default has, as a function of a headlight while White LED daytime running light is a fixture.

    • Can daytime running lights be used at night?

    These lights are named Daytime running lights yet it is multi-functional, therefore they are fit to be used for night time also. They are bright and intense tube patterned LEDs that caution about the vehicle’s presence on the road.

    • Can fog lights be used as daytime running lights?

    To believe what the name says ‘fog light’ it is most appropriate for that kind of weather only. This light is a yellow color that helps you differentiate rain, snow or fog easily letting you make way. But, it cannot replace DRLs because they work the best during the day; these lights have high intensity making your car visible to others.

    • Where is the daytime running lights module?

    A module is daylight or the ambient light sensor which like a computer controls the working of the DRL. This is a small unit that can be found either in the dash area or the engine slot of your car enabling the car daytime running light to work appropriately.

    • What is a DRL relay?

    It is like an add-on item to the DRL as an accessory, which is the harness for the Automatic on and off while using headlights and sidelight. The relay basically controls all the functions together.

    • What is a DRL switch?

    A switch has a singular function unlike Relay to control the on and off when a DRL is installed. If you buy DRLs for your vehicle and you believe in DIY, then it is easy to connect positive and negative points of the DRL switch to the battery and get going.

    • Do daytime running lights count as headlights?

    Though they are installed in the front part of your car yet they cannot be called the headlights because they cater to an entirely different purpose. They are installed to make your clearly visible to all other vehicles, pedestrians, and animals on the roads, unlike headlights that guide your way on the roads.

    With the above information, we hope we had fulfilled with the complete knowledge related to Day Time Running Lights.

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