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A luxurious interior lighting makeover of your vehicle

Are you planning on a date and a long journey with your loved one in the car? Do you need to keep the little ones engaged during the road trip or have seniors who need a little guidance to locate the coaster? Do you, as a driver or passenger fumble in the dark to place that chilled beverage bottle or open the window of the car? These scenarios are quite common when you are a regular driver or traveler in a car and surprisingly all these questions have answers with Aoonu Auto. As much as having a bright exterior lighting adds safety and style to the car the interior gets a magical look with custom LED light accessories that also come helpful when it is dark.

Add Accent Lights To Bring Stars Inside The Car

Set the mood inside the car starting from the roof up to the leg room with the LED accent lights that are available in various designs so that you can choose which sections of the car interior to highlight. The starry sky variant comes in four designs –

  • The super version with seven lighting colors, two lighting effects and four lighting modes,
  • The premium version with red and blue colors and three lighting modes,
  • The intermediate version in red (remote-less version) and blue (remote-controlled version) with three lighting modes
  • The general version with red colored single lighting mode and remote-controlled three lighting modes

You can also cut the fiber-optic accent light that has eight single-color and eight multicolor modes. For the leg-room, you can choose the 7-color ambient starry sky accent light, 48LED app-controlled accent light with music, mic and timer functions and five lighting styles and the 8-color atmosphere LED lights.

Add LED Cup Holders To Avoid Spillage

The waterdrops from the chilled and heat from the steaming beverages or accidental spilling of any food item inside the cup holder of the car will no longer need thorough cleaning as the LED cup coaster is here. Placed easily and perfectly fit in the cup holder, these LED coasters have polished Japanese Acrylic surface that is waterproof and dustproof with IP67 rating and have light sensor control so that whenever it is dark inside, the lights will glow automatically. In this context, it is worth mentioning that there are purple, green, blue, red, cyan, white and yellow colors and sixteen modes to choose from.

The vibration sensor will also get activated as you place anything on the coaster and will turn off to save power if there is no vibration after 15 seconds. Coming with USB port, you can charge it for 2 hours for 15-days of service by the 220 mAh battery. Choose the brand and logo style for the coaster or get a customized one bearing your preferred logo and text.   

Add Door Handle Bowl Lights To Guide In The Dark  

If you want to show the car logo and brand name on the door handle bowls every time the door is shut or while opening the door, rolling up or down the windows, the LED door handle lights will add to the charm. These light plates can even be customized with your preferred words, message, company or business logo, symbol or graphics, as well as the style of the overall print. No need to worry about the fitting as there is hardly any room for error with the universal size and installation is also easy with the adhesive that eliminates the need to make drills.

If raindrops trickle down or snowflakes accumulate inside the bowl, these IP65 rated Japanese Acrylic plates will remain unharmed, thanks to the waterproofing, dust-proofing, shock-proofing and scratch-proofing properties. Choose any of the eight monochrome colors or go for multicolor mode.

The aromatherapy diffusers, air fresheners, LED mats, work lights, door sill lights etc can also be excellent additions to the car interior lighting. What is more interesting with these light accessories by Aoonu Auto is the incorporation of highly energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable LEDs to contribute to a better future.

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