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5 ways to maintain your car while stuck in quarantine

Here’s the list of the useful tips that you can follow to make sure that your quarantine proves to be a productive time towards your car as you maintain it well, leaving no scope for problems in the future.

The testing times are about the global lockdown, with the least movement because of which our vehicles seem to have been parked eternally in the garage. However advanced a car model is, every car needs to move and simply becomes a huge piece of metal if it is static. To make your vehicles feel alive they have to be well-maintained in glory.

When the world was a better and busier place two months back no one had enough time to spend with the vehicle apart from driving it. When was the last time you wanted to check on your car’s looks and upgrades like new car accessories it had? When was the last time you created something new on it to make it appear more contemporary? You won’t be able to recall apart from those regular semi-annual sessions your car went for regular service to the third party.

Let’s throw some important tips here that you can implement to keep your cars well-maintained even when stuck in quarantine:

 Don’t let your battery run out of the charge

To keep the batteries working you need to make sure that you start the engine of the car on frequent intervals. Though the movement is restricted around the respective cities, it is okay to take your car out for the drive at least till two-three blocks that is the first step that you can take towards car maintenance.

Keep a check on your tires

It is crucial to keep an eye on your tires, keeping at one place your car tire can get disproportionate and even acquire flat spots because the same is not moving. To keep away flat spots and punctures, you should get the inflation done to avoid tire failure once the lockdown is over.

 DIY some cool accessories for that glam look

Your car deserves some cool upgrades like interior lighting accessories to adorn your cars.You could choose from the range of LED cup holders and an LED accent kit by AoonuAuto to render your car that beautiful ambiance. The best part is that the accessories are an absolute DIY and you will be excited while installing them.

 Wash your car on regular intervals

This activity could be the easiest way to make your car freshen up totally! How do you feel after taking a bath? Exactly! That’s how your car would feel once it takes it a ritual bath once a week. You can make it even interesting by inviting your kids to help you. Of course, it will be a cool activity that your kids could be yearning to do in quarantine. It would be relieving to get rid of that lump of dust on your car wipers and tires.

 Find a good parking area

It is suggested to keep your car parked in a well-shaded area if you don’t have a garage to keep it. The long-time parking in the sun-lit area can cause the car all heated-up on the inside too that can even damage the car interior like leather seats and other soft items. The heat will be locked inside, even would create distracting odor which is not welcoming.

Well, now when you have enough time, why not innovate during this quarantine? AoonuAuto’s car accessories are all served on the shelves at their online store, waiting to enter your cars very soon

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