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5 Types of Car Interior Lighting & When to Use Them

Car interior lighting systems available these days in the market include trendy upgrades for almost all cars. Even if the cars are not luxurious, these snazzy accessories will make the transport look all geared up to rock the newly acquired looks. Some people find sheer solace in the default designing of the car and do not wish to experiment much. While, on the other hand, there is a lot of people who like to keep up with the contemporary trends and they mix and match different lighting accessories to experience a unique style flaunt their choice.

There are many types of interior car lights by Aoonuauto which can be talked about here to uncover he ideas about when to use them in our dear vehicles:

Using LED foot mats for that ultimate ambiance, comfort and hygiene

Usually, all cars when you buy them from he showroom are installed with the foot mats on the very first day, you are given a choice of a few types like a standard foot mat and premium ones.

So, Aoonuauto asks you to choose your car’s new look by trying these shiny LED foot mats for the new improved look of your vehicle. Made of highly flexible acrylic, they are even much sturdy and do not shake an inch while your kids step or spill anything on it.

Using amazing cup holders for that beautiful effect in your car

Using Aoonuauto’s car logo coaster can be your next best move in terms of beautifying your vehicle. You can upgrade your car with this wonderful accessory which is not only appealing in looks, but has great benefits too.

This coaster has your car brand logo on it, this sturdy ancillary is leak and scratch proof. It illumines the inside of the car while you sip down your favorite drink from it.

Create wonderful starry atmosphere in your cars

If you like to take your beloved to a romantic date, then let’s start it on the journey and not the destination. You can install this wonderful car ambient star light projector to create a starry look at the roof.

However, it is seldom that you’d choose something glamorous and glitzy at first go, but once installed in your car it would be hard to avoid this one for making that date perfect.

Using door sill lights of car for that safe and gorgeous entry

In order to step inside in a stylish manner, you can use this accessory to mark a presence and glide inside. As soon as the gate opens, the lights reflect inside changing the whole atmosphere, that  grows hyun-cool inside the car.

It is really comfortable as it can guide your elderly family members and children to enter safely instead of misjudging the step.

Party inside your car with this accent kit for interior lights

You can now change the ambiance of your car and curb your spirit in the right way as soon as you install this colorful fiber optic LED kit. It is installed along the dash area and creates gorgeous lighting. You can play music according to your mood and these lights can be changed according to the rhythm of the music.

We at Aoonuauto hope that these interior car lights would have been able to grasp your interest and attention. Certainly they can b the most useful, purposeful and game changing accessories for you dearest vehicles.

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