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5 Snazzy Car Accessories That Will Redefine Your Car Statement

Can you wear the color blue every day? Can you eat same meals every day, if yes then don’t you break the routine on a weekend? Don’t you experiment with your hair often? We all do. That’s the bitter-sweet part, though we like the comfort in the same routine but so much of monotone leaves the life colorless and dull looking. Similarly, why drive the same car every day? When you can experiment with your looks and like variety, why not get your car a makeover that will redefine its appeal altogether?

Yes, it is the time to stop at Aoonuauto and find the brightest of car interior accessories that are snazzy and have a cool appeal about them.

Various accessories at Aoonuauto are made of high quality materials which are sleek, useful, safe and easy to install. At the same time add attractive features to your four-wheeler beauty. Let’s find out which could be the most vibrant auxiliaries so far:

A leading Underbody light system

The exterior accessories by Aoonuauto, are sleek and high-end, one of them is LED underbody lights. These are ultra-thin, gleaming LED lights which not only make your score admirable and sporting but are also packed with safety. Especially while driving at night time it illuminates the appearance of your car to a level that ensures that every vehicle coming towards is well aware of your movement.


Fancy Tailgate lights

This LED type tailgate light bar has 12V voltage and gleam high in multi color to add that bright and intense effect, yet keeping it subtle. This auxiliary is totally waterproof with IP67 certification. The material is sturdy and tough that comes with LED chip set and silicon housing which is sharp enough to signal about your turns and brakes while the car is moving.

Fancy Door Projectors

These projector lights are not just any other projection lights but the one’s that flaunt your brand’s logo that has a very elegant effect on the ground once it is lit. It acts as an entry/exit light and is great to find your way safely into your car. With this LED door logo projector rest assured to mark your strong presence as soon as you reach your destination.

The LED coasters

The LED holders are brand customized, they come for cars like BMW, Chevrolet, Nissan etc. thus, highlighting the brand name and make every sip royal. It is capable of bearing high temperature- so need to worry about it before placing anything hot on it. It can be charged with a normal android USB cable. It’s LED adds a Hyun-cool effect while you drive your way down.

Gorgeous door Sills

Made of Japanese acrylic material this LED door sill is meant for your car’s doors for a better guidance. Aoonuauto has kept it minimal to install by just connecting positive and negative wires at the right connector. The LEDs come in different colors- red, yellow, blue, green, white, rose red etc and you may just pick your choose.

All the accessories at Aoonuauto are premium selected range and are pocket friendly. Therefore, we feel great as we offer you most trustworthy widgets that will add a striking dimension and will surely redefine your car’s style statement.

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