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5 Most Popular Car Accessories of Aoonuauto You Can Buy

Aoonuauto believes in supplying best of the products to the customers, whose motto is ‘quality over quantity’, those who like to taste elegance and luxury and give importance to value and performance.  The accessories that we provide are authentic and chic; they are intricately designed for all major car models and brands. Among the myriad collection of ancillaries lie- car door logo projectors, DRLs, cup holders, gorgeous headlights, rich aromatherapy perfumes and much more.

Among these countless blessings that we own at Aoonuauto in the form of automotive support, let’s reflect on 5 popular car accessories:

  1. Quality LED coasters

It is a pair of gorgeous holders that you could place your mug on; it appears a customized look, so that it elevates the charm of the interior of your car. This product can be easily charged with an android phone USB cable thus making it a very handy accessory to use.


These LED cup holders come with a built-in smart chip and within 2 hours it charges 220mAh battery. These cup holders are good to go for the car brands like BMW, Honda, KIA, Toyota, Audi, Chevrolet etc.

  1. Extra performing LED headlights

All the series under headlights are the superior quality products which work within 9V to 36 V of voltage, suitable for cars, trucks, SUV and RV xenon headlights. These lights come with 6000K color temperatures and have a longer range that reaches till 200m on the road.

LED headlight bulbs are built in with cooling fan principle which doesn’t let the LEDs to overheat, thus regulating the temperature well. These headlights are taking over the trend as compared to xenon and projector lights.

  1. Daytime Running Lights

Hitting this list of popular accessories is Daytime Running Lights, is a blessing! Wondering what makes us using daylight in cars? Accidents got really frequent especially in northern countries and that’s why LED running lights are in trends across global over time to avoid all odds on the roads during conditions like rainy, snowy, foggy etc.

They come in beaded pattern designs that make it shine very intense and unique, which come in million colors if you like to flaunt a bit of glitter on the roads. If you like sober accessories then a standard dual-color DRL is meant for your car.

  1. LED logo projector

Philips LEDs make for this excellent LED car door logo projector light which makes the whole experience extraordinary. It creates a spectacular impression on your loved ones. That feels of being reminded about your devout car brand lit gorgeously on the solid surface. This car door projector paves a safer way to ‘let in and out’, against all potential oddities outside the car during the night.

  1. Best Door sill

The LED s is of 12V having a current of less than 0.5A, projecting a soothing entry light without flashing in the eye. This LED door sill is quite robust and durable in its form.  Also, certified IP 67 water resistant makes it absolutely anti-corrosion, which is an added advantage. It ensures a rough and tough usage where you can make a carefree entry by stepping on it.

Therefore, keeping all these fundamental scenarios in mind, we have selected superior quality car accessories from the best of suppliers. Aoonuauto renders best car auxiliaries to its customers that they are gaining tons of popularity among people. So, which one is going to be your next buy?

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