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Million Color Tailgate Light Bars Installation

The colorful tailgate light bars show 7 kinds of lighting colors and multiple lighting effects, colorful streamer mode, colorful scroll mode, monochrome streamer mode,etc. The colorful tailgate light bars make your car stand out from the other vehicles. It’s very eye-catching and personal.

The colorful tailgate light bar display running lights, turn signals, brake lights, reversing light, double flash, creating a dazzling and bright light effect that will be appreciated by car and truck buffs.

Especially at night or during inclement weather, tailgate lights are appropriate for brake lights to caution other motorists. It can prevent and reduce the occurrence of car rear-end accidents effectively.

The material of the colorful tailgate light bar is silicone. The silicone housing is very suitable for waterproofing, not afraid of rain, snow weather.

The light strip has 3M Double-sided adhesive straps on the back. 3M double-sided adhesive has strong sticky and can be used repeatedly.

The wire ends of our tailgate light are designed with pins, supplying for non-destructive installation without breaking the original power.

Installation steps:

Turn on the car’s small light and test the position of the positive and negative poles with the test pencil. If the test pencil light is lit, means that the positive pole.

Connect the red wire of the light strip to the positive pole and the black wire to the negative pole.

Wiring instructions:
Six wires ( black, red, white, green, yellow, blue )
1. The black wire connects to the car battery cathode.
2. The red wire connects to the car battery anode ( ACC ), driving iridescence.
The green wire connects to the ACC ( or width modulation ), driving iceblue.
( Only one of the two wires can be selected for connection )
3. The white line connects to the brake light.
4. The yellow line connects to the right turn signal.
5. The blue line connects to the left turn signal.

The installation position needs to be cleaned before install to prevent dust from affecting the paste effect. Peel off the adhesive film and stick the light strip directly to the position where it needs to be installed. And then, tidy and hide the wires.

All the installation steps have been completed. You can go for a drive to enjoy the cool effect of the tailgate light!

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