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How to Install LED Accent Light Kit?

Haven’t had parties for a long time? Of course, many of you out there would be wondering about why this question has been asked. Amid all the work and related load one doesn’t get time to celebrate with friends and family. All you happen to do for the whole week is home to office and vice versa. Then we thought why not bring in a cool accessory that can light up your moments and make your switch to a different mood altogether? Yes, let’s make your daily drives fun with instant mood change as soon as you step into your car for a drive.

Car interior accent lighting is a must for that change you need, relaxing and grooving to the ongoing beats in the car. The lights are soothing and add extra charm to your car’s original looks. There are all the reasons that accent kit gives you to be installed.


Quickly throw a glance on how to install these lights in your car:

  • This accent kit has two types of interface: USB connector and Cigarette Lighter. Both are plug and play and cut on all the trouble of installing.
  • Cigarette Lighter connector should be taken if you wish to connect the wire directly as both is of 12 V voltages. While the USB connector is only 5V. Now remove the connector for a while and proceed.
  • Clean the installation surface to prevent dust sticking to the glue of the strip. Each strip comes inbuilt with 3M adhesive straps which makes it strong and glide smoothly to stick on the surface you pick.
  • Make sure you do the final touches to tuck all the strips properly to make it invisible. Finally, connect this with power and see the wonderfully lit atmosphere inside your car, right under your feet.
  • With the help of the remote control you can choose any particular mode you like- monochrome, color jump modes or music sensor modes.
  • Installation of these lights requires no drilling or rewiring and in no way, it tampers with the circuit of your car. This interior LED accent kit gets you a different environment and aura. Almost a life savior from stress and anxiety.
  • The remote control is well elaborated and even can be operated easily by kids. It explicitly helps you switch to eight different light colors- red, yellow, blue, green, white, cyan, purple and orange.

It can be that constant and travel buddy when you have to cover long distances for work purposes.

Even when you are touring with your family, then this could be the best surprise for your kids as they would be busy tapping feet on their favorite musical numbers instead of spending a forced number of hours as all that they would wish is to reach the destination quickly.

So why not make a journey happier than the destination with these LED accent lights for cars by Aoonuauto. These lights are so intense yet subtle, so glamorous yet sober. It can be a perfect combination of vogue and comfort for your car. Keeping all these worthy parameters in mind, this LED accent kit surely needs to be installed in your automotive.

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