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How To Install Door Handle Bowl Light?

There are many car enthusiasts that will modify and upgrade the car door handle, but there are few upgrade to their inner handle bowl AoonuAuto prepared a special door bowl light cover trim, thought it might sounds like a challenging project. But it will get a unique interior light and light up your car’s interior style after installing it.

When buying this door handle bowl light, you need to measure and send it with detailed door handle measurement to AoonuAuto for customization. For only $69, you can have a beautiful set of door bowl lights. Of course, this LED car bowl lights are the AoonuAuto latest design, so can’t find anywhere else but Aoonuauto.

First step:

Preparing flat blade, screwdriver, test pencil, wire clips, electrical tape and scissors. Then using an adjustable power supply device to test whether each LED car handle light is working properly.

Second step:

Starting with the front door of driver’s seat, and others need to remove the inner door panel. Using a screwdriver to pry off and remove cap at inside door handle. Then, loosen the screws of the window controls, lift up the window controls, unplug the connections and keep all pieces together and well organized. Test to find the positive and negative poles of constant 12V voltage. Find a place to pass the wire of the door bowl light through the panel. Connect the positive and negative wires of the door bowl lamp to the positive and negative wires of constant current, and tape them with electrical tape. Put the OEM door bowl cover back and then peel off the 3M tape behind the LED door bowl light, and stick the LED light on the door bowl. Tie up the wires inside the panel. Recovering the harness and piece. Finally take the window controls back to its position. The installation of the first door bowl lamp is completed.

Third step:

Install for other doors are pretty much the same with the Second steps. We need to remove the inner door panel first. First remove the bolts of the door panel.At the bottom of the door panel there is a lip, grabbing the button panel and give a quick pull toward at yourself and all door panel clips will release. First disconnect the wire harness and find the positive and negative poles of constant current. Pass the wire of the LED door bowl light through the door bowl of the car handle, connect it to the positive and negative electrodes of the constant current wires, and seal the wire interface with an electronic tape. Then peel off the 3M adhesive tape behind the door handle bowl light, and stick it on the car door bowl. Managing the longer wire of the door bowl lamp which inside the panel then recovering the harness and piece. Put inner door panel back on and tighten all the screws.

At last:

Repeat the above steps to install the remaining two door handle lights. Then turn on the vehicle, you can see the beautiful door bowl lights light up. Finishing a small upgrade for your car by yourself is definitely a fulfilling thing!

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