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How to customize the LED door sill for Holden and HSV?

How much for 2pcs front and 4pcs front/back?

Pay Attention:Door sill can’t exceed 88cm in length
Length less than 60cm
(1)Color of blue,red,white,rose red,green
2 front doors,total price:102 AUD
All 4 doors,total price:175 AUD

(2)Color of muti-color
2 front doors,total price:117 AUD
All 4 doors,total price:190 AUD

Length within 61cm~88cm
(1)Color of blue,red,white,rose red,green
2 front doors,total price:146 AUD
All 4 doors,total price:219 AUD

(2)Color of muti-color
2 front doors,total price:161 AUD
All 4 doors,total price:232 AUD

How can i customize the LED door sill for my model?

  • If you can’t find your car model on our website, probably we just simply missed that(sorry about that,we can customized the door sill for many different kinds of car)
  • So you would choose the first ranking model in the corresponding door sill website and marked down your car YEARS and VEHICLE(model) in Note,then we shall customize your door sill according to your given message in the note.
  • We will first customize your door sill according to the note in your order, so if you have any requriment, please make sure you have write it down in Note
  • You can refer to the picture below.

  • If you still have a problem, please contact our customer service on facebook (Aoonuauto) or email to us. Our email address is [email protected].  We would answer your question as detailed and fast as we can.

How to customize letters or logo for my model?

  • We can customized any letter within 5~15 letters
  • We can do custom logo, but be sure to send us a high resolution picture of your required logo. Our designer would judge your picture see whether is it available for producing.
  • Custom logo will required extra 29 AUD as design fee
  • Please marked down your customized requirement to Note when ordering, then we will produce your door sill according to your note
  •  If you have want know whether it is available for your required logo, please send to us via the Facebook Messenger or email to us, our email address is [email protected]. We will give you reply asap.

The Time and Cost of Delivery

  • Standard delivery is free and takes 15- 28 days
  • DHL Delivery requires additional fee 29 AUD,it takes 7-10 days

If l choose the colorful variant, can l remotely change any color l want?

  • The color in colorful variant are change automatically and can’t be changed by artificial remote.

Video reference for door sill and installation guidance

  • colorful variant:
  • red variant:
  • blue variant:
  • white variant:
  • installation guidance:

The material of door sills

  • Instead of metal, our door sill is made by Acrylic,a durable and waterproof material!!

How’s they work? Does it work with battery or connect to the cables?

  • Our door sills should work with 12V and connect to the cables of the car.
  • It will light when the door is opened and will close when the door is closed.

About the Payment failure

  • According to other customers feedback, If you run into payment failure, please make no worry and try few more times. Paypal system usually would recognize your payment after few more try.

About the after-sale service and warranty

  • Our product has 1 year of warranty, If your product has any quantity problem, please contact our customer service for solution. Warranty will be Invalid with the damage was caused by artifical factor.
  • If you received a problem product, please contact us immediately along with the comparison photo of the problem door sills and factory door sill. Some time, package damage would also happened during the delivery procedure, if you found your package was damaged in the delivery process, please also contact us and we would give you a proper solution.
  • If this introduction would answer your question and  you have the wishes for purchasing, you would go to our website or consult to our customer service on facebook and email to us [email protected] in order to get your favorite products.

Use this link to find your model to order


If you are interest in our door sill,please consult to our customer service on Facebook (AoonuAuto) or email to us [email protected]. We would send you the link of the door sill for your car.

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