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Top 5 Cool Car Interior Accessories under $200 for Car Lovers

Accessories are meant to accentuate the looks of the body they are embellished on. It’s all about the quality of the products that one uses, and the underlying rigidity in the material that determines how successful it will be to cater to the consumer. So, one not just deserves a good quality auxiliary but also a budget one so that it becomes an encouraging factor to buy an add-on instead of getting shocked by the expenses one has to keep aside. This is what AoonuAuto excels at- facilitating its customers with the hand-picked superior quality material of the car interior accessories as well as the exterior ones at such pocket-friendly rates.

Let’s explore the top five cool accessories from AoonuAuto which you can install in your cars for under $200 for the adventure seekers who love traveling in a car:

  1. Light up the interior décor with wonderful LED floor mats

This one is a premium accessory from AoonuAuto that’s made of superior quality Japanese acrylic material and they light up beautifully with LED floor mats in red, green, blue, white, yellow, cyan, purple, and orange colors. All the shades of lighting are sharp, bright yet so mellow, enhancing the car ambiance. The mats are also available in another variant with the stainless steel cover and they make the same as the roughest and tough mats to use.

  1. Breathe a misty fresh air as you drive with the best air fresheners for cars

AoonuAuto owns wonderful car air fresheners which make the whole experience of driving very soothing and fresh. The seven fragrances in the plush aromatherapy boxes are capable of making your ride breezy and dewy giving you a feel of hanging out in a garden, just under $50. The fragrances that make the whole atmosphere come alive are rose, jasmine, osmanthus, citrus, lavender, ocean, and Lemon.

  1. Flaunt your luxurious brand with an LED door projector

The door projectors will certainly make for the best interior car accessories 2020 because they are always trending at AoonuAuto. These accessories come under $55 (price depending on the car model and brand) and will be one of the deluxe looking embellishments. The LED lighting will glorify your car brand name which will make a scintillating ghost shadow on the floor.


  1. Therapeutic perfume diffusers for a calming sojourn

The diffusers by AoonuAuto are such handy and cool looking accessories which are both lighting cum perfume based accessory which makes your car turn luxurious as soon as you switch it on. The same comes under $50 well in sync with the perks that follow it- it’s a purely customizable stick with LED lighting and works on a magnetic induction design switch for a smooth experience. These diffusers are certainly the show-stopping vibrant and exquisite interior accessories.

  1. Star ambient lighting for a graceful and captivating car environment

The starry ambient lights are the stable lighting that is fixed on the armrest projecting upwards. The car roof acquires a dazzling appears as the little stars shine on the car roof to highlight your car like never before. The starry sky like design will be so enthralling to witness that your children who sit in the cabin behind will enjoy the drive in the dark.

These are some outstanding range of automotive interior accessories that will not make your pocket light, as they will be a high-quality and long-lasting investment that you make.

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