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Play off-road-Toyota FJ Cool Road Ze shows the true qualities of a macho

Although Toyota FJ Cool Road Ze is relatively rare in normal times, as long as it appears, it will always attract everyone’s attention. After all, it is rare for a tough guy like this to have a cute look.

Being in the wild is the home court of FJ Cool Road Ze. But even if the FJ Cool Road Ze is born for off-roading, if you really want to drive to the edge of the city, you still need to do some preparation, and the necessary modifications are indispensable.

The LASER laser light and the PIAA yellow fog light are installed. Although they look cute in round shape, they are definitely not for cuteness. The field of vision is very important when driving in the wild, and the penetrating headlights will help a lot when the visibility is low.

The most common place where scratches occur in the wild is the lap around the car body. The owners uniformly chose OSEYA’s products: double-lane magnesium-aluminum front bumpers, lightweight side pedals, and expanded rear bumpers.

The rear is also equipped with an OSEYA climbing ladder, which is convenient for getting on and off the roof. The exhaust has also been replaced with the side-out style of OSEYA to avoid burns when climbing up and down the ladder, full of details.

The strengthening of the chassis is also a very important modification. The American TC upper and lower arms, strengthened connecting rods, adjustable strengthened push rods… The impact of this kind of road conditions can be dealt with more calmly.

It is inevitable to be scratched when playing off-road chassis. In order to reduce this damage, it is necessary to replace a thicker guard plate. The most conspicuous one is this TRD water tank guard plate, practical and attractive, which belongs to faith of the car owner of Toyota.

After installing so many equipment, in order to obtain sufficient support, the owner replaced the OME heavy-duty spring with a KING shock-absorbing suit. The unsprung has replaced the American FUEL anti-off wheels, as well as Bailuchi K02 tires, which can obtain better grip on non-paved roads.

Of course, towing hooks alone are not enough for escape in the wild. Who knows what kind of predicament you will get into, so a WARN ten-thousand-pound winch can be used to rescue yourself or to save others. It can even be used to challenge more dangerous terrain.

The interior part of models such as FJ Cool Road Ze is mainly practical, but the owner also very warmly customized bed blankets and storage boxes to bring some humane atmosphere to the cold carriage.

Let’s take a few more pictures to experience the climbing ability of FJ Cool Road Ze. Even if the chassis undergoes a lot of distortion, it can still maintain its balance. The four wheels firmly grasp the road that can be touched.

Feel the compression of the left rear suspension and the stretching of the right rear suspension. FJ is the off-road vehicle that a hunk man should play. The distortion of the chassis will indeed break the cognition of many people and it is no problem to bully this kind of high flowerbed on the roadside.

Please continue to enjoy more beautiful pictures. The sense of power is the ultimate interpretation in such a car.

Friends who like off-road, will this Toyota FJ Cool Road Ze be your love?

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