LED Daytime Running Light Strip


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Upgrade the safety factor of driving.
This LED daytime running lights provide you with extra high bright light to make others clearly notice your car. As a driving light, it is white (blue or colorful) when the car is driving; as a turn signal light, it will flow yellow (amber) in turn when the car is turning. During Rainy, snowy, sandstorms, smog, opening Daytime Running Lights in bad weather can reduce accidents efficiently.

Make your headlights pop!
A perfect way to add a stunning custom look to your headlights. The white and blue light bars make your car headlights look simple and advanced! The colorful light bar makes your headlights more personalized, and you can even remotely control the color of the light at will. Let your vehicle stand out from the rest.

Simple to install. (You can refer to this installation video.)
The DRLs LED Strip can be cut to any size and re-capped to fit perfectly on your car (After cutting, the tail must be insulated, otherwise it will be short-circuited). It can be bent, twisted, and contoured to fit most headlights. It is pasted outside without disassembling the headlight, just connect the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals correctly. The wire ends of DRL are designed with pins, supplying for non-destructive installation without breaking the original power. Compatible for most of vehicles like cars, SUV, vans, trucks, boats with DC 12V power. You can refer to this installation video.


LED type: SMD5050
Input: direct 12V wiring
Light type: LED
Waterproof rating: IP65
Construction: Flexible
Can be cut: yes
Strip size: 45cm / 60cm
Backing: 3M adhesive

Working mode:

Colorful / Amber (RF remote control):
Lighting color: red, yellow, green, blue, pink, white
Headlights, Tail Lights:
Single color mode
Colorful streamer mode
Colorful flashing mode
Single color gradient mode
Single color streamer mode
Turn signals, Marker Lights: Amber
White (or Ice Blue) / Amber:
Headlights, Tail Lights: White / Ice blue
Turn signals, Marker Lights: Amber

Package list:

2 X Daytime Running LED strips
1 X remote control
White/Amber or Ice Blue/Amber:
2 X Daytime Running LED strips

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Colorful/Amber 18Inch, Colorful/Amber 24Inch, Ice Blue/Amber 18Inch, Ice Blue/Amber 24Inch, White/Amber 18Inch, White/Amber 24Inch