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    Multiple light colors
    Infiniti Door bowl light is a unique car interior light. Available in Red, white, blue, orange, ice blue, pink, purple, green and multi-color. You can choose the color you like to buy. Solid-colored stays on. Multi-color fade from each other automatically (No remote control function). They will create a great lighting atmosphere to you and your passengers.

    High-end appearance
    The surface of the door bowl light is as smooth as a mirror. Acrylic with high light transmittance makes the light radiate clearer.

    Customize personalized LOGO
    The LOGO pattern on the door hand bowl light can be customized. If you have customized needs, you can consult customer service.

    Professional and tailored
    The door handle light is customized according to the shape and size of the door bowl of each model. The custom door bowl light is only suitable for flat door bowls, not for 3D curved door bowls. To ensure that our door bowl lights can be completely installed on your car, the size error range is about 0.3-0.5cm. Not exactly to be the same size, but will be proper. The LED door bowl trim is directly pasted and installed on the OEM door bowl, it is not a substitute for the OEM door bowl.

    Suitable for a variety of installation schemes
    The door handle light is suitable for vehicles with 12V power supply. You can connect to the power source as you like. For example, the power supply of the glass lifter, door light, and night light. You can install it according to your preferences. (If your car door does not have a reserved place for the door bowl light, you may need to drill holes for installation.)

    Wiring installation
    The wire ends of the door bowl handle light are designed with pins. It can be quickly inserted into the harness without breaking the wire for installation. If you use other solutions or no wire harness, you need to break the wire for installation.

    Fitment Notes:

    LED Door Handle Bowl light is measurement required. After purchasing, please contact us via FB Messenger or email. We will also provide customer service to confirm the measurement with you via email, so please pay attention to your email after purchase.

    Car information you used when placing the order is reference information for customization, which does not mean that no measurement is required. We appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation.

    The LOGOs shown below are for reference only. The specific layout of each LOGO style will be adjusted according to the size of your door bowl. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service. Thanks!

    Customization Steps:

    1. Any words, text, pattern and image can be customized. e.g., your name, store or company logo, carton logo, model words.
    2. Please select “Customize LOGO” when your place order.
    3. After placing the order, please contact us via E-mail: [email protected] or Messenger with the order number and customized requirements, and our customer service will make a second confirmation with you (usually within one working day).
    4. After you confirm, your order will enter production, and the production will be completed and shipped within 1-2 working days.

    If you want to customize other car make logos, please click here: Customized LED Door Bowl Lights
    To learn more about customization, please click: LED Door Bowl Lights Customized Service


    Voltage: 12V
    Available colors: Red, white, blue, orange, ice blue, pink, purple, green, multi-color
    White wire: positive / Black wire: negative
    Waterproof rating: IP65
    Material: PMMA Acrylic + High brightness LED
    Thickness: 0.4cm~0.5cm

    Package List:

    2pcs car door inner handle bowl lights or 4pcs car door inner handle bowl lights

    After Sales Services:

    1. This product is a customized product. If there is not a quality problem or a manufacturer’s problem, it does not come under refund policy so please confirm the specific model, size and logo style before placing the order.
    2. We provide 1-month replacement and 1-year warranty policy, which is not applicable to human damage and other subjective factors.
    3. If you find any problem, contact us, our customer service team will give valuable service to you.

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