Nissan LED Door Logo Projector

Aoonuauto has taken charge of your car’s accessories’ requirement and has a wide orbit of great quality, efficient and economical car door projector lights having a brightly lit Nissan logo Aoonuauto’s.

Goal is to keep it subtle, yet fancy, projecting a splendid and calmly lit ambiance as soon as you step into the car. These beautiful logos come in a pair of two Nissan logos that promise a non-destructive installation with no drilling and rewiring. The lamp type is Philips LED bulbs which come wrapped in great quality material that is ABS and aluminum alloy. This material guarantees super-bright projection simultaneously not disturbing the driver.

These are the best Nissan car door projector lights with 12V voltage, has a well-balanced wattage as 5W which can prevent small accidents while they create a situation on the exterior of the door. Being anti-corrosion, high-temperature resistant in nature these accessories are great to travel with. However, these are suitable for the models of Nissan that do not have door lights by default. In the package, there would be two projector lights which have to be installed with the help of flat head screwdriver projecting Logos on the floor. Aoonuauto has such a range of reliable and durable products to adorn your Nissan.

Nissan LED Door Logo Projector Chart:

LOGO: Nissan

YearCompatible with Audi Models
2008-2018Nissan Altima Coupe
2002-2018Nissan Altima Sedan
2004-2016Nissan Armada
2004-2015Nissan Maxima
2013-2016Nissan Pathfinder
2004-2016Nissan Quest
2003-2016Nissan Titan
2013-2018Nissan A-N1 TEANA
2012-2012Nissan A-N2 TEANA


NISSAN MODEL YEAR INCLUDED: 1950-1970, 1971-1990, 1991-2000, 2001-2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017,2018, 2019