Daewoo Car Accessories

All accessories at Aoonuauto are picked carefully for its decor value and quality from the best of suppliers. Daewoo itself is a luxurious car that is known for its stunning appearance, style and brand value. Thus, accessorizing it the correct way and to right limits is vital to maintain its classy look. Various interior and exterior accessories for Daewoo are available with us and our team can do it appropriately for you.

The accessories include LED door logo project, LED door sills entry guards, etc. to accentuate the look to multiple folds. There are multiple ways in which these accessories can be installed in creative ways on your very own Daewoo . The great part is installing these accessories is easy, requires no drilling and rewiring of any kind. Most accessories come with 3M adhesives that just stick easily and are durable. The LED cup holders for Daewoo come with a USB cable to charge it easily that can light up for 15 days.

Car Door Projector LightsPhilips LED lights Voltage- 12V, Output- 5W, Material- ABS+Aluminum Alloy. Super bright projector lights. Respectively designed for all models of Daewoo .
LED Door SillDaewoo car accessories for front and rear door. Voltage-12V, Current <0.5A Available Colors: red, yellow, blue, white, green,rose red, multi-color. Material: Japanese Acrylic, high brightness LED door sill
Daytime Running LightsEasy to install, universal application. Remote-controlled Daewoo interior accessories. LED type SMD 5050 bulbs with flexible construction. Strip size- 45*1.5cm/60*1.5 cm. Voltage-12V. Waterproof IP65, 3M adhesive. Million Color & Dual Colors Available.
Interior LED Accent KitComes invariants of 72 and 48 LEDs, remote-controlled LED strip Lamps, Voltage DC- 12V LED type: SMD5050 strip size: 32CMX4 Wire size: 1.2M*2+1.7M*2 Cigarette lighter interface Materials- LED Chip set + Silicone Housing.
Tailgate Light BarsVoltage DC-12 V with LED type: SMD5050RGB Multi-color With respective functions while applying breaks, taking turns, etc. Strip size:1200*15*5MM in both variants (48 and 60 LED). Materials: LED Chipset + Silicone Housing Waterproof: IP65. A total set of six cables with an instruction manual.
Third Brake LightsVoltage DC-12 V that comes with LED type SMD 2853 which is red in color. Strip size-900*17*8 mm and wire size- 200cm. With housing color black, the material has silicon housing. Waterproof IP65 is universally applicable. Both multi-mode and single-mode lights are available in Daewoo accessories store.
LED Underbody LightsVoltage DC-12 V with LED type: SMD 5050 RGB Multi-color lighting, colors change with the rhythm of the music. Wireless control. Two variants (180 and 252 LED). Materials: LED Chip set + Silicone Housing Waterproof: IP65. Non-destructive install.
LED Cup HoldersA chic looking accessory for Daewoo, made of ABS, colorful LED cup holder, 3 gradient modes Sensors- Light and Vibration Voltage- 3.7 V and 220 mAh battery Charged by USB. Stain and scratch-resistant.
LED Foot Mats

Classy remote controlled 12 V LED Foot mats Current <0.5A, Great color options Waterproof IP 67 Material- Japanese Acrylic with a Cigarette lighter interface. Different control functions, music sensor modes, breath modes, etc. Foot Pad size (38*24)*2 [front] and (38*26)*2 [rear]


DAEWOO MODEL YEAR INCLUDED: 1950-1970, 1971-1990, 1991-2000, 2001-2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017,2018, 2019