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1. Get $3~$10 reward for pictures or video feedback.

(1) If you’re satisfied the product and willing to leave pictures review, we’ll decide your rewards depends on your feedback quality. The better the feedback is, the higher reward you’ll earn!

(2) Customer Feedback for LED Door Handle Bowl Light:

2. Get 50% refund or even 100% (product worth $100).

(1) If film a unbox&install video or review video after receiving the product, we could generous rewards depends on your video qualiy – 50% refund or even full refund.

(2) Refund available for the product we wish to film video for.

(3) Product for video filming: LED Door Sill, LED Door Handle Bowl Light.

(4) Some best reference:

LED Door Handle Bowl Light:

2017 Toyota Highlander –
2013 Dodge Challenger RT –

LED Door Sill Plate:

2006 Hummer H2 –
2011 Camaro 2ss –
2015 Scion XB –

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