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How To Customize Your Lighted Car Grille Badge?

LED grille badges typically refer to the emblems or symbols on the front grille of a vehicle that have illumination capabilities to light up in nighttime or low-light conditions. This design aims to enhance the visual appeal and recognition of the vehicle, while also adding a sense of style and technology. This design is quite popular in the field of car customization or among high-end car brands.

The Dodge brand offers a wide range of vehicle models, each with its unique iconic logos such as 392, DAYTONA, HEMI, SCATPACK, SRT, SRT+Hellcat, R/T, TRACKHAWK, TRX, DODGE//, MOPAR, DEMON, 4X4, and more. These logos are sometimes displayed on the front grill of the vehicles, becoming part of the vehicle’s exterior appearance. However, for some car enthusiasts, they seek not just ordinary displays but more eye-catching and personalized effects. Therefore, they choose to upgrade these iconic logos to illuminated grille badges.

How to custom led car grille badge?

Just vehicle model emblems? No, we have more options! We can imprint our own symbols on our cars. For example, adorning it with our own logo, our own name, proclaiming to everyone that this charming car belongs to us.

Aoonuauto has always been providing professional custom LED logo services. If you can’t find the car front grille logo light that suits your taste, don’t hesitate. Contact AoonuAuto immediately to custom grill emblem. AoonuAuto will provide illuminated drawings and proposals for your logo, discussing your wonderful ideas with you.

How to install the lighted car front grille emblem?

Installing the illuminated car grille emblem may require some technical skills and patience. After receiving your car front grille badge, make sure to follow these steps for installation:

  • Firstly, upon receiving the package, promptly check if the items are complete and all accessories are included.
  • Refer to the product manual, use the matching voltage testing function to ensure the illuminated logo works properly.
  • Locate the installation position on the vehicle’s front grille and secure the logo there.
  • Thread the wires through the grille into the vehicle’s engine compartment. It may be necessary to remove the Radiator Support Access Cover.
  • Identify the positive and negative poles of the vehicle’s headlights and connect the wires of the illuminated emblem to the headlight’s circuit.

However, if you lack the relevant electrical skills, you may find it confusing. It is recommended to seek help from friends or take the vehicle to an auto repair shop for installation. The cost at an auto repair shop is relatively high, likely more expensive than the purchased car grille logo lights, and not advisable.

Custom services offer car enthusiasts a more diverse selection, no longer limited to specific car models or brand logos. As long as the car owner has their own ideas and requirements, custom services can meet their needs. Our aim is to provide car enthusiasts with more opportunities for choice, allowing them to customize their unique cars according to their preferences and needs.