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LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) Turn Signal Lamp For Honda HR-V 2014-2017

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Stylish appearance, bright lights, improve driving safety and make your car more outstanding. DRLs play a substantial role in driver safety helping to make your vehicle more visible to other motorists on the road in bright daytime conditions. With these stylish safety-enhancers on, your automobile can be seen faster and more clearly which gives other drivers more time to react to your next move, especially when you are merging or taking corners. Beyond being safe and functional, daytime running lights are also perfect to give a touch of customization to your vehicle. They come with powerful and long-lasting LEDs that provide clearer, brighter, more intense and alluring light as compared to incandescent bulbs, so you can be sure your vehicle will immediately draw attention of other drivers. Beyond shining much brighter, LED bulbs reach full intensity 0.2 seconds faster than their incandescent counterparts, giving other drivers more time to make necessary adjustments in order to avoid car accidents.

After sales service and warranty service.1 month replacement and 1-year warranty covering material and manufacturer's defects. This service does not cover the products that are artificially damaged. If you have any questions, please contact customer service in time, thank you!

Voltage: 12V
Lamp Type: LED
Compatible: Honda HR-V 2014-2017
Light color: White, Amber, Ice blue
Waterproof rate: IP67
Lifespan: 50000hours
Retain fog lights

Wires connection:
Red line: ACC
White line: positive
Black line: negative
Yellow line: positive line of turn signal lights
Blue line: positive line of headlights
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