LED Door Sill (Hard-wring)

Illuminated BMW door sill pedal can well protect your original door sill and upgrade the outlook of your car. We have professional and considerate customization services. We can customize the door sill pedals of your car according to your model and the size, shape, pattern, etc. you provided.


LED Door Sill Powered By Battery

Non-destructive installed LED door sill guard, battery-powered, no need to wire to the car power supply. You can easily get beautiful lighting decoration effects.


LED Door Logo Projector

BMW Car door welcome lights that can project LOGO/Pattern. We also provide customization service, you can customize other patterns you like to make your car lighting more creative.


LED Door Handle Bowl Light

Glowing car door interior handle door bowl decoration lamp. Small and exquisite, the illuminated logo upgrades the interior style of the car. The soft light also removed the dim and uninteresting atmosphere in the car.


LED Floor Mats

BMW Acrylic luminous foot pad is a very easy to install car interior decorative light. It is the best choice to upgrade the interior style.


LED Underbody Lights

Universal colorful underbody lights, if you want to add cool lighting effects to your car chassis, our high-quality chassis lights are the best choice. It will make your car the most eye-catching car on the road.


Interior LED Accent Kit

There are a variety of interior atmosphere lights for you to choose from, and they can add splendid lighting colors to your car interior. Welcome to buy.


Daytime Running Lights

A thin and flexible daytime running light strip that can be installed DIY. No need to disassemble the headlights, and the length of the strip can be cut by yourself. If you want to add daytime running lights to your car, it is a hassle-free choice.


Tailgate Light Bars

The colorful streamer tailgate light strip allows the driver behind your car to see your clearly. Installing this light bar can not only have a cool car appearance, but also improve driving safety and reduce the occurrence of car rear-end accidents.


Third Brake Lights

In a crowded traffic flow, because the brake light bar is installed high on the rear glass, the driver behind can easily see your braking action. In heavy fog, rain and snow, its light can penetrate the rain and fog and convey more far. Therefore, brake light strip is an indispensable car light upgrade to improve safe driving.


LED Cup Holders

BMW Luminous coasters can not only decorate your car but also provide lighting. In a dimly lit environment, it allows you to easily find the water glass while driving. The pattern on the coaster can be customized. You can provide your favorite logo, cartoon pattern, avatar, etc. to customer service for consultation and customization.


LED Aromatherapy Diffuser

BMW LED aroma diffuser, comes with two aromatherapy sticks. The fragrant aroma can remove the peculiar smell in the car and freshen the air. Tap the upper right corner of the aromatherapy diffuser can switch to different light colors, creating a comfortable lighting atmosphere in the car. You can also customize a fragrance diffuser that belongs to you by providing a pattern you like.


LED Whip Lights

The dazzling led flagpole light can make you more conspicuous in the wilderness. It can not only illuminate the surrounding environment, but also prevent other drivers from ignoring you due to blind corners.


LED Work Lights

The LED pod light is small in size and can be installed on different parts of the car body with various mounting brackets. It can provide bright auxiliary lighting, which is suitable for off-road, car camping, etc.


Air Fresheners

Metal aroma box, comes with five aroma balms. The fragrant aroma can remove the peculiar smell in the car and freshen the air. You can also customize the pattern on the aromatherapy box.


Bulb Style

We sell LED bulbs with various interfaces, such as: 1156/1157, 3156/3157, 7440/7443, T10/T15/194/921, 31mm/36mm/39mm/41mm. These bulbs are suitable for interior reading lights, fog lights, turn signals, brake lights, headlights, etc. Buying a suitable model of LED bulb can directly replace the damaged bulb of the original car. LED lights are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and provide brighter light than traditional halogen bulbs.



Hummer is a brand of trucks and SUVs, first marketed in 1992 when AM General began selling a civilian version of the M998 Humvee. In 1998, General Motors (GM) purchased the brand name from AM General and marketed three vehicles: the original Hummer H1, based on the military Humvee, as well as the new H2 and H3 models that were based on smaller, civilian-market GM platforms.

In the late 1970s, the U.S. Army began to develop a light multi-purpose military vehicles based on the experience of the Vietnam War. At that time, the vehicles required by the military needed to meet the requirements of high mobility, multi-purpose and wheeled (non-tracked), referred to as HMMWV, to replace many jeeps and all kinds of four-wheel drive Pickup. The purpose is to allow light military vehicles of unified standards to achieve easier modular repair and maintenance to improve maneuverability. In 1981, it invited tenders to major US automakers. Based on its long-term experience in producing military vehicles, AMG won the bid and soon produced a prototype vehicle named Hmmwv. In the 1991 Gulf War, Hmmwv undertook multiple tasks such as transportation of personnel and materials, carrying out anti-tank, communication relay, and artillery towing.

In 1992, AM General began selling a civilian version of the M998 Humvee vehicle to the public under the brand name "Hummer". Hummer followed the appearance of Hmmwv, which was fierce. It was not designed for the civilian population, but for the harsh requirements of the US military. The army required cars to last up to 12 years at almost full capacity. Unprecedented power performance, handling performance and durability, making it suitable for various special roads and driving on roads that many sports vehicles cannot drive. It is known as the "off-road vehicle king" by the industry.

In 1999, General Motors acquired Hummer's trademark use rights and production rights from AM General. In 2003, General Motors (GM) launched the Hummer H2. At the same time, the Hummer launched by Renco Group was renamed Hummer H1. H2 is different from the Hummer H1, which still remains a militarized bulky body and simple comfort equipment. The Hummer H2's design is aimed at general road use from the beginning. The too bulky body is improved and comfortable accessories are added. H2 is closer to the needs of general users. In October 2005, Hummer H3 went on sale. This is a smaller but almost identical variant of the H2. It retains the charm and excellent off-road capability of the original Hummer. The smaller size layout and more fuel-efficient make it more suitable for market needs.

In 2010, as the potential value of the Hummer brand continued to decline given high fuel prices and weak consumer demand, General Motors officially said it was shutting down the Hummer SUV brand. In mid-2019, rumors began to circulate that General Motors was considering reviving the Hummer nameplate in 2021, as the market for off-road vehicles was reaching historic levels of sales. On January 30, 2020, GM released a series of short teaser videos, finally revealing the official return of Hummer. The teasers confirm the nameplate's return as an electric SUV and truck sub-brand to be sold under the GMC brand. An electric SUV will follow in 2022, with the pickup truck being called the "Hummer EV SUT," and the SUV being called the "Hummer EV SUV."

Nowadays, more and more people like the rigid temperament of off-road vehicles. People like to drive off-road vehicles to explore, feel nature, and pursue freedom. More and more manufacturers are developing off-road vehicles that coexist with luxury, comfort and powerful off-road performance. Hummer is loved and supported by you, and its return will definitely make you extremely excited. AOONU has prepared high-quality auto parts for Hummer. Upgrade your Hummer with these parts to make driving and travel smoother, more comfortable, and safer. Professional off-road lighting kits are definitely worth your purchase.


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